« The victory belongs to those who have optimised collaboration. »

After four years immersed in the wilderness, two of which studying biomimicry we were triggered by a question : How can nature inspired systems change the way we use data and how can this help to create a more sustainable future? With 8 years of in depth experience in Social Innovation and Local Development, we realised how information exchanges can inspire and open to new forms of thinking. In 2017 we are pleased to present a multi generational platform to transfer human knowledge.

7vortex developed an innovative model responsible for shaping your information in a technological system inspired by the way nature exchanges energy. Understanding that everything is connected is fundamental to shift our perspectives and to generate transcendental changes. 7vortex software serves as a lens through which systems can be assessed from a macro perspective. This visual relational lens is meant as a telescopic view.

7vortex is an information system that empowers perspectives and connects solutions to find the balance between humans and nature. Our intention is to evolve our economic system by designing and creating business and technologies that enhances our collective intelligence for a better future for all.

We believe in diversity and knowledge transfer, we created a Software that connects your different perspectives in one screen! With this Information Management System, we want to help you gather and connect knowledge online with a beautiful outcome: an information architecture that can evolve with you, with your interests and with your experiences.

Our prototype is a web-based open platform available for pioneers like you!