I have located my site by the DMZ area in South Korea. It is known to be one of the scariest place on earth. I choose this location to create a building that will reflect its cultural place to bring one day peace between the two countries. I choose to design a bath house because in Korea, it is a the quintessential cultural pivot around which daily life rotates. Everyone can go to discuss important family matters, social issues or politics, or to simply rest and relax. For a foreign visitor, a trip to a bathhouse is an important stop on any itinerary. It is a place where you can enjoy your time and gives you an insight into Korean traditions.

Having the subject of biomimicry I looked into bees and the shape of the honeycombs and how I can relate it to architecture. Humans had long exploited bees for their honey but why not not have bees create architectural structures. Imagine a world where bees could 3D print concrete honey to repair or even generate an entire building. If you look at what is already happening around the world with research in bioengineering and synthetic biology, animal bodies are already been trained, tweaked, genetically altered. I remember that humans have tried to clone mammals that are nearly identical copies of other animals, including transgenic and genetically superior animals.

I looked in depth and got inspired by the way bees were making their honeycombs. The materials used are substance derived from saliva, wood pulp and wood fiber by creating a chemically reduced wood. What if bees could be genetically modified to produce concrete adhesive substance, rather than just honey as we know that bees are architectural designers. They would be acting as a natural 3D printer element modified with synthetic biology so that they produce concrete rather than honey, which could be use to develop new ways of approaching architecture in today’s world.

For my project, my attempt is to include bees within the structure and how they could have an impact to the building over a period of time. By raising a colony in a bee hive which can be seen within the building and the sections created, the bees could be used to repair the structure, create and transform the building image on a daily basis at a slow pace in a meticulous way. The floor plan was designed through a set of study with the help of generating my own grid. The spaces around the bath house are delimited by the hexagonal shapes which defines the different activities, public and private throughout the site and the rest are circulation to connect the different functions.

In conclusion, my approach for this project is an architectural solution to use and mix man made with nature. I want to create a building that is able to change its characteristic over a period of time with the help of genetically modified bees. The bees would construct or repair architectural details to full structure. We live in a world where we are always finding better solution to what we have and make it better with the help of science.