Biofit is an organic gym for big city life that harnesses the proven wellbeing benefits of Vitamin N(ature) by bringing the outside world in through biophilic interior design.

This nature-centric ethos extends from its verdant interiors to its training methodology, which combines real world exercises with mindful movement to engage the brain, leaving clients physically and mentally fitter.

These no-tech studio spaces feature a mix of bespoke and off-the-shelf equipment all made of tactile, natural materials – no metal, no machinery.

Aromatherapy, acoustic playlists, circadian rhythm lighting and indigenous, air purifying plants help to create a multi-sensory experience.

The business model is based on gym design services, equipment supply and coaches training, with ongoing affiliate agreements for each site.

A pop-up showroom in London in January 2017 was accompanied by an innovative research project by the UKActive Research Institute into the positive psychological impacts of Biofit’s unique ‘indoor green exercise’ concept.