The project was dreamed as a telling of a main character: the Water. The Water begins to blur the Chinese social classes. As a common point in the Chinese Culture, Water can grant new roles to the different players in the tale, resulting all the social conditions forgotten.

Water was deliberately chosen as protagonist because of the deep meaning in the Chinese culture. Asiatic traditions believe in the spiritual significance of the Water, one of the Five Elements in the Chinese philosophy.

Moreover, Chinese philosophy is strongly rooted in observation of the stars. Because of that, the starting point of this project is the creation of Water Constellations inspired by the astral geometry.

Water Constellations are drawn in a initial urban landscape where the natural actors are not yet revealed because the project proposes a tale which describes a process experienced by the Water along 15 Chapters, until all new Chinese characters would be joined around a Water Landscape, which is sustainable in two essential ways: social and environmental, full of symbolism and tradition.

There are three stellar typologies: Water Hugs, Constellations, Satellites. The Water Hugs are the essential points where the water seeds are going to sprout. Constellations are the water consumption points and Satellites work not only as rain water reserve points, but as support points which provide a special lightness structure organized by orbits.

Any excuse was good enough to dance with the Water and celebrate gardens. The landscape sprouts around the water seeds, which become blossoms of Architecture, proposing a new traditional model that create social identity. Constellations were created by the Water Hugs, drawing a cosmological map, where different levels of habitability are possible. A social landscape though for many people who are used to live in massive communities.

In addition, Architecture is dreamed as a built landscape which guide the organic growth of particular especies in Chinese imagination. For example, the water sprouts called “Cultivator of the evanescent” are designed in order to manage and supply the requirements of bamboo. This plant is used by many local craftsmen and it works as raw material for these special small merchants.

Landscape ceiling consists on an architectural topography where the rain water is collected. Through this path, Water is drawing a complete “fluid fabric”, splashing some materials: steel, glass and ceramics. Finally, linear beams dump the water into the principal “Water Hugs”.

Geometry in ceiling is inspired by leaves in forests, where the sun dances with them along the day in so different ways , very special depending on the season in the year. Architecture proposes a built landscape where natural essentials are possible thanks to local materials and traditional beliefs. Water works as an element for generate the landscape and the social respect. The landscape sprouts around the water seeds, which become blossoms of Architecture, proposing a new traditional model that create social identity. Consequently, Chinese society could get back their trust in the local Architecture.