Speculating Future Scenario Digital Integration on the landscape of Balearic Island.

In the next years ahead, Bitcoin become an essential currency where data center blocks condemned as floor area is vital for production as in agriculture and environmentally. The integration of nature studies follow into the machination science of natural ecosystem, harnessing environment energy and forms of plant blending with the landscape.

Generation Y, the data addicts, striving for data connectivity, social media as a lifestyle and phones will become extension of the body. Money, leisure and time, these aspect influence the life of them, the desire of technology innovation as an addiction.

“Information defines your personality, your memories, your skills.” ― Ray Kurzweil

These data soon to be part of the ecosystem, like an Oxygen for the Gen Y, these data will generate the consumption for them to get inside the digital realm.

Bit Game an app that let you bought a plant that substitute as a bitcoin miner mechanism, the app also be a digital wallet that easily be swipe as credit card. How does one earn bitcoin? The app create a link to social media of user as cross platform to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram share their experience like streaming game, environment and moments interest them. The algorithm generate the share system and views of the content user into Bitcoin currency.

Ibiza, a wild island with full of people hedonism lifestyle, clubbing has been the main attraction, infusing clubbing and the landscape, create a mystical nightlife environment. The pirate towers will be a starting point to deploy on these forest, as these towers represent a defensive mechanism to the island long before. The forest will be a system rejuvenating the infected landscape and recreate a new spatial environment.

Seasonal events like summer these forest will be wild techno environment that creates a space, music will adapted into the plants rhythm movement. As for off season, these forest become a rehabilitation center, people can visit the quiet meadow landscape operating bit coin thru digital cloud.

“Clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.” ― John Muir.

These forest soon be a clash into the nature ecology, these plants will adapt and recover the infected nature system. These plants become an alternative physical manifestation of interaction of plants, as people striving more data, these cybernetics rainforest become part of their necessity, as inspire from Richard Brautigan poem, end with “….. all watched over by machines of loving grace”.