It’s time to give back.

Cambodia, a country of over 15 million people, Theravada Buddhism and Khmer people.[1]

The inhabitants of Cambodia find their country at disappointing 99 out 102 on The World Justice Project’s Rule of Law Index. The index explains that were the rule of law is weak, medicines fail to reach the public and unequally laws are applied to the society.[2][3]

This is the start of the design, the design that changes the world, focusing on Cambodia. To create a better Cambodia with less difference between rich and poor. With a better ecology in the Tonle Sap Lake and a better society for the inhabitants.

The rice and the poor, a contradiction that is everywhere in history. The rich mock the poor creating a gap between them that only will grow while times passes.

After a lot of attempts to create a better Cambodia, Cambodia has not changed. The rich are still the rich, the poor are still the poor. The Tonle Sap Lake is getting worse with the years. Fish and people are dying. The eco-environment of the lake is crumbling to a level that is a threat for the inhabitants and their way of life.

It is time to give those people a voice to give them the basics for a better life. Not because I supposedly know better but because they deserve.

The Eleven Magazine design is a design built on pillars; healthcare, research, education and more? But what is more? Where can we buy more? Does more grow on trees?

More is everywhere, more is what us people give to each other. More is a smile, a simple gesture, a wise advice from your mother; more is drinking with your friends.

The design consists of eight pieces. All equally needed. All there to help.



You are on the earth now. Not because you choose to be, but because you were meant to be. You don’t know? I promise you will learn later.


I will walk! I will play! I will survive! I will be injured.


Okay, someday I will die, what do I want to contribute to the world. What is my talent?


What can I contribute to the world?


Life is complex. Do I look good? What is good, what is bad? How can I become rich, or at first not poor?


Love the other; everything else is vanity and vexation of spirit.


You care about others! That is why you are here! You can help them, show some empathy and concern.


Teach everything you know, you are now still living.

These design elements can work together but also work perfectly stand-alone. They bring something to Tonle Sap Lake and its inhabitants, something they can use. Practical usage but also spiritual. Some things that they can use themselves but a lot of it they can share.

More doesn’t grow on trees; it floats on the Tonle Sap Lake.



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