“GENELEAF” takes light like a tree, sucks up water, and gives people a place of relaxation.

What imitates is the ” Phyllotaxis ” and “Transpiration” of trees.

Plants are efficiently photosynthesized so that the leaves do not overlap by shifting the position of the leaves by 137.5 ° obtained by the golden ratio. Also, by creating a space under the solar panel, rather than arranging it on the roof of a house or spreading it on the ground, it is not an arrangement that does not take into consideration the space and the landscape, so that a positive space against the surrounding environment Can be provided. “GENELEAF” uses a translucent solar panel, leaves are designed to blend into the surroundings without disturbing the line of sight as soon as they cast a shadow.

Filtration & Transpiration
Plants also absorb moisture from the ground from the roots and release them as water vapor from the leaves. By applying this function, we pursued stored rainwater and squirted from fine holes from the back side of leaves, we devised a space to lure people by lowering the surrounding temperature and keeping it wet. First of all, water falling to the ground surrounding the tree is filtered through the surface formed of porous concrete for the first time, and is stored in concentric circles in the ground. After that, by passing through the filtration device towards the center of the tree, a second filtration is carried out and arrives at the trunk. The system that assembles water into leaves uses “capillary phenomenon” like actual plants. We are planning to raise the moisture up to the pore of the leaf inside the microfiber fine tube by the surface tension.

Electricity Generation
Since solar light does not always enter from a certain angle, the power generation efficiency of the solar panel group facing in the same direction is unstable. By using the characteristic of “Phyllotaxis”, by placing the solar panel like the leaves it is possible to increase the efficiency of power generation by 20 to 30% over the conventional planar arrangement.

Generally, the higher the temperature, the lower the power generation efficiency of the solar panel. In the catalog, the power generation efficiency at 25 degrees is assumed to be 100%, but on the roof of midsummer it reaches 60 to 80 degrees. By using the property of “Transpiration”, it is possible to lower the temperature of the solar panel, and it is possible to prevent the power generation efficiency of the solar panel from lowering due to high temperature.

Electric Supply
The generated electricity is used to charge a smartphone or a tablet terminal from the attached terminal. At night, it lights the light behind the leaves. The remaining power is stored in a huge storage battery charged in the bench, and it is prepared for emergency. In this way, the “GENELEAF” is a place where people depend on various scenes.

The accumulated electricity and water are supplied to the surrounding facilities or houses through the underground, and the “roots” scattered around the town form the infrastructure network underground. On the other hand, “leaves” of solar panels with space that could not be obtained by conventional planar arrangement provide rich space for people. And I hope that it will become a landscape.