Hydrological cluster

The «Hydrological cluster» is a new typology of scientific complex dedicated to one of the global problem – water sources depletion and world ocean water level changing. The project goal – to remind to society about important role of water sources for environment and sustainability in New Age conditions.
Kazan Volga river port site was selected for the hydrological cluster location. Long ago the site context was different by natural systems diversity – there are fields, meadows, swamps, geological elements. «Fitopark» disappeared after hydro-electric power station construction – water level has risen, that led to flooding and pollution of the site. The project offers a decision of water treatment and management through architecture elements and forms.
Biomimicry is one of the modern ways of response to global environmental problems. The ecological goals of water resources management and smart use treatment and water research as well as energy production are solved by architecture elements and spaces of cluster. In the project it was created the universal card of cluster elements included elements of landscape, facade, structural and technological elements of interior. They mimic a hydrological and geological objects in forms, ability of natural resources rational use and adapt to constantly changing environment.
Landscape elements mimic to natural systems and allow regulating water level in drought and floods conditions. Facade and interior of the centre consist of different types of panels and structures intended to water and moisture smart use. All specifics of cluster program and functioning of facade and design elements have been shown on the Volga Hydrology Centre example.
It is a fairy tale about water resources management by architecture elements. The picture illustrates the solution of environmental problems symbolically – like alchemists, microorganisms and bacteria, even creeping plant have extracted moisture from air, purify, store and discharge it and process to useful energy.
Allegories of natural landscape shapes and forms – sponges, jellyfish, canyons and craters – overwhelmed the Volga river Hydrology centre interior. When they were downing the Canyon, they were watching how the shore-Sponge was absorbing excessive moisture from the air. It was the process of climate controlling for Free University`s students. It will not to change the reverberation time for anyone – the Auditorium-aqueduct resembling the ancient roman design will play Wagner spouted water from the Water tubes. Crowd will fill a first floor of the center riding on boats along the Mountain King Cave or filling Cocoon-coworkings in anticipation of Stalactite songs. Another part of the crowd will fall out sprawling along the shore and watching nightlife of the Hydrological cluster.
However, the fairytale is real – all solutions and elements are proved constructively – the centre has the frame system with wall of concrete blocks, efficient insulation and double-hinged facade met energy efficiency requirements.
Hydrological cluster is the experimentarium consisted of innovative biomimetic elements, which performed a water production from humid air, storage and filtration, energy production. This card of elements is the universal constructor, which could be applied to create other environmental and innovation projects.