Sometimes these days we are guilty of living life in the ‘fast lane.’

We juggle work commitments with the demands of family life. We have such little time to slow down, stop, relax and think.

Opportunities to sit back and meditate are few and far between. We are out of touch with nature. The beauty of the natural world inspires my art and my mission is to try to bring something of the essence of this beauty into our homes and workplaces.

My aim is to try to capture the unique colours of nature via macro photography and then transform them back into abstract images using the principle of symmetry.

Each print is inspired by nature and also refers to an unforgettable moment, which has been etched into my memory.

Henri Rousseau, a French Post-Impressionist painter, famously claimed that he has, ‘no teacher other than nature.’ I strive to work to the same ethic.

Hopefully, my works depict beauty through representations of a wide variety of examples of flora and fauna.
Every print is different and is designed to challenge our perception of shape and also our relationship with nature.
I want people to discover something new in their own environment. I believe that my art can help to make subtle and positive differences.

My aim as an artist is to; encourage creativity, develop the imagination of the viewer and brings a piece of nature into the home/workplace.

I want bold and gorgeous colours to leap off my prints.