Project LIGHT-ART-DROP is a concept of a light museum connected with concert hall which interact to each other with increasing height. Museum is located at Manhattan to emphasize pervasion of many cultures. To underscore cultural context, museum is located in a axis of Guggenheim Museum.

Demanding surrounding of Central Park forced making building that does not interfere in the landscape. That is why we decided to use stainless steel as a cover of the building. Steel cover reflects surrounding what makes Museum invisible at the first watch during the day. Placing building on water reservoir and using reflecting steel also make building to look like a water drop, because it reflects water. Using cover which has a shape of a drop increases effect to make a building look like a drop.

At night Museum becomes characteristic light point of NYC because of the big hole in the center of building plan. Museum cover is perforated what makes it interesting because of light coming out at night through the tiny holes and let everyone know that something is going on inside. At night LIGHT-ART-DROP is not a museum contain exhibit and art, it becomes an exhibit and art. Perforation also makes special effects inside the building during the day, when the sunlight comes into the main hall.

To take full advantage of unusual building localization at the water reservoir, water filters and pumps was used. It should help to maintain clear water, which is more attractive to the visitors and can cause them greater influx.