The name of ‘MANGROVE’ has its duplicity and it was sufficient for the complete start of our project. Mangrove as itself has certain meaning of the specie name. But it turns into different meaning when split the name in the middle. ‘Man,Grove’. So we made the grove for people simultaneously with real mangroves and other species around it. The grove is grown perfect with other living things and it goes to the Human as they live together.

The reason why we choose mangrove is because of there function. The land where mangrove inhabit, such as mud, is a very suitable place also for other plants to live together. The mangrove mudflats are more complex than conventional mudflats because of its respiratory roots. So it becomes a sanctuary for various animals, and a place where moss can breed.

The creature that we mimicked is ‘mangrove’. There are three main reasons why we chose this creature. First mangrove has the ability to manipulate seawater living in the transition zone between the land and the sea. Rising sea levels caused by current global warming and water importance due to environmental pollution has emphasized. At this point of time, we tried to find a glimpse of the possibilities of living on the ocean which is not a faraway future but could be near future.

Unlike existing structures, the structure of Man,grove is equipped with filters and crowns. So, we can be closer to a closed loop because it produces and stores raw water for itself, not bringing from a distant dam. And the structures mimicking the respiratory roots spread out to all over the inner space simultaneously supporting the building. The man,grove has HVAC system using water flowing. It can control the temperature of the space through the water temperature changing according to seasons. The structures embedded water pipes support the slab and heat the floor.

Second, Man,grove complex formed by collected structure makes new field. Compared to existing plants, respiratory roots plants live all over the land and sea. Under the sea, water labyrinth, the field for fish, is generated. And on the land, the open space, a new field for people, is formed to enjoy and play.

Finally Mangrove as a group that is not alone, creates a synergy. When be a group not a solo, it is not effect just in numbers but more than it. Among with other mangroves the shrub plays a great role for retaining against wild waves. Roots of the mangroves support each other firmly in the ground, cancelling and breaking the waves. This unique function of mangrove lead us to look into real site that has its problem with wild waves. Especially, Miami, which is our chosen site, is a region where people have endured pain and suffering from a tsunami. In these areas, through ‘the Man,grove’, people can have their field where they can play and relax. At the same time Man,grove completes the restoration of the park in charge of retaining itself.