The United Arab Emirates, the Rub al-Khali Desert of Dubai was chosen as the hotel location. Dubai is a city striking with its architecture and unique location in the heart of the desert. By right being one of the main attractions of the emirate, the desert of Dubai offers its guests many opportunities for making tourist discoveries. During the whole year, the most amazing and unusual kinds of indoor and outdoor entertainment are organized here.

Such action and adventures sports as sandboarding, desert safari, motorcycle races, quad bikes, buggies, paragliding and drone races are very popular.

Sandboarding is a boardsport that takes place on sand dunes instead of snowy mountains. It is widely spread in the countries with sandy desert or coastal areas with beach dunes.

Desert safari is a 4×4 wheel drive across the desert.

Desert racing on motorcycles, quad bikes, and buggies in Dubai is very different from racing on the sandy surface in principle. Riding a quad bike in such conditions is quite difficult and requires professionalism, going full force and driving the equipment to the limit of its possibilities.

Drones are operated by means of helmets of virtual reality that show a picture of the flight of the drones to the pilot. Drones fly on a specially constructed track, full of steep turns, bends and control points.

According to the architect’s intention, the building is inscribed in the environment, thus as if it was always here, as if it were a natural element.

For the natural analogue and architect chose oyster mushrooms growing on trees.

Mushroom Trees Hotel consists of three towers of different heights that share a common podium.  This podium has a form of a sand dune.

Halls, restaurants, bars, conference halls, places for hiring surfboards, ATVs and SUVs for desert safaris, green areas, fountains, SPA center (indoor swimming pools, cold fonts, whirlpools, saunas, hydrotherapy, aromatherapy, reflexology), fitness center, yoga, billiards, children’s club, personal valet services are located in the common podium.

Each tower of the hotel has a form of a tree trunk with oyster mushrooms “growing” around the trunk. The trunk has stairs, lifts, halls and green zones inside.

Rooms represent a separate mushroom capsule threaded around the trunk with a certain pace.

Types of rooms: Deluxe, Diplomatic, and Presidential.

Equipped areas for action and adventure sports are located around the building.

Hotel “Mushroom Trees” fully supplies itself with electricity due to photovoltaic batteries embedded in the facade of the building along the entire perimeter, and thus making the shape of the building look very aesthetic.