*Nautile* is an innovative kettle of which conception was inspired by the Living in order to reduce environmental impact.

The environmental achievements of classical kettles remain unsatisfactory.

Through an approach mixing industrial design and biology, we developed a sustainable and efficient alternative to the traditional kettle : Nautile.

Nature inspired this electric and combustion kettle’s forms, materials, structure and internal mechanisms as well as the manufacturing process, in order to minimize its energy consumption, which is 80 % responsible for its environmental impact.

In its marine ecosystem, the nautilus moves by precisely controlling water volume fulfilling different cavities of its mineral shell. Nautile, which is built on the same basis, includes four internal reservoirs. Each one equals the capacity of one cup. Round, it optimally keeps loss of heat down. It enables the user to fill the needed capacity, and, therefore, prevents him to use unnecessary energy.

Termites regulate their habitat temperature by conceiving a complex architecture. Nautile, which is also built on this basis, includes a similar structure. The 3D printed object includes a central chimney and numerous canals. They enable the user to quickly and efficiently heat a certain water volume, consuming minimum energy.

Toucans have a light yet solid beek which allows them to regulate their body’s temperature. Polar bears have a fur made of hollow insulating hair, which protects them from the ambient cold. Nautile, which is also conceived according to those principles, includes an insulating layer protecting the hot water reservoirs. It is made of an alveolar structure and numerous cavities in its insulating ceramic part. Those cavities enable to keep the water hot, as long as possible so that the user doesn’t have to reheat it.

Based on those four principles, an internal mechanism allows to control water temperature. Therefore, the user can select the perfect temperature for his drink as well as save energy.

In a nutshell, Nautile is an easy to handle kettle, as well as efficient and with reduced environmental impact. And it proves that Nature can be a source of inspiration when it comes to conceiving more sustainable innovations.