Public spaces have been growing on the popularity scale since a good number of years. People are being more drawn to spending time out in the open air, rather than sitting indoors without interactions with the outer world. Thus, the need for shading systems and devices has grown too, starting a competition of innovative and new ideas for shelters.

Shade SF18 is a prototype for a smart shading system, sheltering any outdoor seating area, varying from a garden seat, to a seat near the pool in a private house. It is mainly composed of two major components: one fixed, and one intended to stay in motion. This idea is derived from a thorough study of one Nature element: the sunflower.

Sunflowers are known as Helianthus annuus. They demonstrate phototropism, which is the ability to rotate their heads so that it always faces the sunrays. Sunflowers do so by a mechanism called heliotropism, or sun tracking. This same mechanism is implemented in Shade SF18, as its part in motion, too, tracks the sun and follows its rays, providing shade all day long.

This continuous motion is powered by photovoltaic cells, arranged according to the Fibonacci sequence uncovered in the head of the sunflower. In a matter of fact, it is the most efficient way to maximize the amount of solar energy gained, while minimizing the amount of waste space [the tilt angle for the photovoltaic cells differs according to the city/country in which the shading system is constructed; for example, in Jeddah, KSA, the optimum angle to use is 18o]. Produced by the motor from the energy collected by the photovoltaic cells, electricity makes the mobile component move a specific length each sun hour during the day. This component should weight 1/3 of the total weight of the fixed structure, for maximum stability and safety.

Additionally, Shade SF18 is eco and user friendly, for several reasons. Its main construction material is African teak wood, making it easy to work with, lightweight, strong, durable, and highly resistant to water and harsh weather conditions; the use of photovoltaic cells cuts down on the running cost needed to power the shade, making it self-sustaining. Furthermore, Shade SF 18 is adaptable in terms of installation and transportation, as it is completely foldable, offering maximum flexibility for its users and owners.

Flexibility, technology, and nature: all weapons that can be used for the good sake of our societies. Shade SF18, combining multiple features from these mentioned 3, offers a smart solution to the need for sheltering in open areas, creating powered structures following solely the need of its users.