Since the market requirements are constantly changing, the furniture industry is forced to keep up and produce more wood at cheaper prices. Presenting us customers with wide range offers – set at reasonable prices, which ultimately lead to vast areas of deforestation in increasingly rapid cycles; thus, ruthlessly destroying what is invaluable for our global climate.

What if we could do without this kind of industrial forestry and allow everyone even grow the components for his furniture in his garden?

Using Biohacking this idea could soon become reality. It is possible to modify seeds through DNA-reprogramming changing them to not only grow the desired timber, but also produce parts for furniture. These naturally grown furniture-parts can be plucked after the ripening process as simple as apple picking. Later using these parts to assembly any type of furniture. The tree from which the parts have grown will rot and supply fertilizer to the garden soil. No more deforestation, no complicated global shipments, very short production lines and use of your own land.