The design of ours takes after the concept of terraced fields in China, and by incorporating vegetation and wide open space surrounding the building, this structure allows users to get as close to nature as possible, through providing a broad and comfortable space as well as blending into the nearby landscape.

Hong Kong is a great city with lots of historical structure of collective memory standing among the aging building in the middle of some of the busiest urban areas of the world. New buildings can surely revive the place, but often they affect nature’s natural flow, destroying the last of the green belts, and making the urban areas an ever worse place.

Standing on the top of a knoll, looking down to the countless grass that forms a lively plain that stretches on, feel the breeze that caresses your face, while you take a relaxing but simple picnic. Think you’d have to take a trip to the countryside for such luxury? Think again. In this building, you can take mere steps away from work and take a quick stroll around, immersing yourself in a short yet relaxing experience in the little “Greenland” that surrounds every floor. Flowers and grass form a ring around every floor just like the terraced fields, not only allowing enhanced relaxation but also letting you feel the clean air out on the platform and even inside the building through windows and doors of the structure, fostering your concentration and productivity.

The everyday citizen frowns when there’s no wind behind the omnipresent tall buildings during a hot summer day. This is a dreadful result of human’s divergence with nature. Our design concept addresses this issue – it resembles the shape of a hill, allowing part of the wind to blow into the building, while still allowing wind to blow over the structure and keep moving. Reducing the street’s blazing temperatures as wind would be able to keep moving into streets and blowing away hot currents.

By incorporating natural vegetation into our structure, we also promote environmental protection as plants take a crucial part in nature by forming carbon sinks, alleviating Global Warming and intensified CO2 exhaustion.

This structure learns from the creature of the desert who lives under vegetation in long barrows, which are cool in the day and warm at night. Through the use of vegetation, to wrap around the structure, minimizing heat absorption of the interior and keeping the temperature indoors suitable and comfortable with limited use of air conditioners. The sky garden alleviates most heat originally exerted on the top floor, making all floors equally cool. Furthermore, the interior corridors and rooms are broad and straight, making sure the fresh breeze reaches every person regardless of their position allowing them to enjoy the fresh breeze travelling through the windows.

This building fully blends in with nature’s natural landscape keeping nature’s delicate ecosystem at its balance, inviting little animals to coexist with humans, and making the urban area a better place to be.