Inspired by pine cone scales Wearable Morphology is an ongoing project that explores the potentials for a naturally responsive wearable that can predictably change its porosity in response to the humidity and temperature levels of their environment and their wearer. The research results in manufacturing a range of wearable¬ with a poetic dimension to them which offer a new aesthetic. In a live concert, each animated piece performs its act in response to the given conditions.

Each wearable consists of a three-dimensional array of small modules. Each module itself is composed of structure and membrane (skin) components. Once exposed to different levels of heat and humidity, the membrane, through its molecular characteristics, will change its configuration. This would change in aperture size in each module.

A carefully arranged pattern of perforation is scripted and cut into each membrane (image W) enabling a predictable and purposeful reconfiguration (warping) in each module. Different patterns and degrees of porosity in each module’s membrane combined with the molecular characteristic of a chosen textile composite enables a unique but predictable formal response.

Image 5 shows a series of prototypes that use four different textile composites at four different porosity levels. In each composite different levels of porosity is achieved through cutting densely populated clusters of circles with varying diameters in each membrane as a way of programing the desired response by the membrane to the environmental factors. Image Y demonstrates how different numbers, sizes, and arrangements of cut circles result in varying yet predictable degrees of distortion in each membrane once expose to the same level of humidity.