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Wheat Ear Staircase is an alternative to the spiral staircase for a penthouse where the hollow prepared is only 1,90m.


The staircase is placed between the kitchen and the living room. Therefore, the aim is to design a solution as non-invasive as possible, in this way the staircase does not become a physical or visual obstacle. For this purpose, it is decided to bet on a single flight and not using the physical riser. The railing as well is designed as a very light element, almost invisible from far.


The traditional design requires 10 steps, with the hollow available the obtained step tread is only 19cm. To find the solution and increase the length of the tread, the optimization of the geometry of the wheat grain has been studied, and two conclusions have been drawn. First, the edges of the steps must be tilted as the florets and secondly, the steps must overlap each other to reduce the total flight.

To find the optical angle of the steps, several geometric analyzes are performed, increasing the degrees by 6, reaching a distance of tread in the central zone equal to 28 cm.

Finally, the railing mimics the awns of the wheat ears coming out of the florets. The final form is a protection against falling and increasing the sense of security, something that is crucial when a non-conventional staircase with a challenging geometry is designed.