About Our Competitions

Here at Eleven, we love ideas! We are pragmatic idealists, building connections between multidisciplinary fields to facilitate new concepts to be developed in fun and new ways. We believe architecture and design has a major role in today’s world. Creative thinking is at the root of innovation, it can transform problems into opportunities and inspire endless possibilities.

Competitions have many virtues. They encourage idea to flourish, foster talent, become platforms for innovation to emerge at multiple levels, and can even help raise awareness on global issues whilst suggesting possible actions as well. Our Competitions are the ideal arena for dynamic international think-tanks to thrive in throughout a whole multitude of contexts: from less privileged communities around the world, to new technologies, shifting urban landscapes, exotic ecological havens, product and fashion… and why not… even outer space!

Do you have an idea for a competition or would like to get involved somehow? Then please… …get in touch!