The idea is to summarise and photograph in a simple image iconic architecture.

Bruno Funari said: “Complicating is easy, simplifying is difficult”.

The simplicity is the hardest thing to achieve. To simplify you have to remove things, and to take them off you must know which are the superfluous things.

The intent is to display the volume, shapes, and even style of iconic architecture through simple lines and geometry.

The project is part of a study on the simplification and the identification of the basic elements for the recognition of buildings. The idea is to achieve an almost abstract representation whiteout losing the essence of the figurative representation. An exercise of decomposition and recomposition to uninhibited senses through the use of geometry and colour. A messy rigorous or realistic fantasy are oxymorons that appear in these compositions. A series of interlocking geometric shapes around a central matrix, architecture.

The research focuses on finding the aesthetic backbone of a building. Summarise in a few lines the essence and the soul of an architecture. A few strokes and splashes of colour can make a collage, abstract and figurative at the same time.

18 paintings that as a synopsis relate in few signs the complexity of the architectural forms of the building.

A sketch is a prologue of architecture. These images draw the epilogue.

Observe a building and reduce it to the essence to read its complexity through the purest representative simplicity.

These images are like formulas, a synthetic and concise representation of complex elements.

[Copyright Francesco Babina]
[Copyright Francesco Babina]
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[Copyright Francesco Babina]