The architecture department of Swiss university ETH have produced a series of posters of dragged-up architecture celebrities to launching Parity Talk – a series of discussions on gender imbalance within the architecture industry.

D-ARCH at ETH Zürich teamed up with swiss graphic designer Völlm+Walthert to produce the images. The posters show dragged-up versions of famed architects Le Corbusier, Herzog & de Meuron and Gottfried Semper in a style which is reminiscent of Andy Warhol’s pop art.

“The message was one: provocative, and two: with that shameless misuse of famous architects in drag, to attract attention on the gender imbalance in our profession,” says ETH’s Charlotte Malterre Barthes.

According to the university, the architecture and planning profession is “plagued with an appalling gender imbalance”. Female professionals amount to a quarter of the industry and in academia only 11% of professors are women.

“The aim [of the event] is a productive exchange and a focused debate to generate concrete steps towards gender parity, both within D-ARCH and the discipline at large,” explains ETH in a statement.

The talks are centred on the issue of gender imbalance in the architecture industry. The event – scheduled to take place on 7th and 8th of March in Zürich – is organised by the Parity Group with the support of D-ARCH, AAA and architektura.

Le Corbusier shows off his Art-Pop drag makeover. [Source: Völlm + Walthert]
Swiss architecture duo Herzog & de Meuron show off their feminine side.
Swiss architecture duo Herzog & de Meuron show off their feminine side. [Source: Völlm + Walthert]
A dragged-up Gottfried Semper, 19th Century German architect. [Source: Völlm + Walthert]