Graphic designer and artist Federico Babina has created Archicards, a deck of cards inspired by famous architects. Read what he has to say about his latest architecture-inspired design:

“With playing cards we can build a house, create a castle and give shape to a small architecture. In this project I wanted to represent the architecture and retract some of its protagonists turning them into a small illustrated game. The kings, the queens and the knaves are the leading actors of a little illustrated story to play with the imagination. The forms and shape of architecture and design become the signs and figures that draw the card.

I like to play in the life. Keep alive the ability to have fun with little.

A playful attitude is something very serious for me, or maybe not….

Archicards by Federico Babina, a deck of playing cards inspired by architectures greatest. [Copyright: Federico Babina]
Archicards by Federico Babina, a deck of playing cards inspired by architecture’s greatest personalities. [Copyright: Federico Babina]

I always liked play as a form of learning, toys are often a prelude to serious ideas.

The game can also be a thought experimentation. I’m interested in playing with architecture seriousness and illustration lightheartedness. Game and architecture are seen by many as a distant concepts. To enjoy the creative process I need the game.

I had ‘serious fun’ making this deck of cards.”