In ‘My Frist Pritzker’, Barcelona based architect and motion designer Andrea Stinga of Ombu Architecture has traced the history of the Pritzker Prize through the use of wood-block models. Andrea has traced the prestigious award’s 39-year history through the creation of wooden models composed of simple geometric blocks and has told the story of the award in a short video. The animation is an architectural timeline of master architects and a fun way to celebrate their contribution to architectural history.

“We choose one of the selected works for each of the 41 winners and create the building using simple wooden shape, like a child game, to represent them in an iconic and synthetic way so it can be easily recognized” explains Andrea Stinga.

In the series, key architecture masterpieces are shown, each representing a Pritzker winner.

Amongst the architects on show, 1988 winner Oscar Niemeyer is represented in the animation through a model of his Niterói Contemporary Art Museum in Niterói, 1988 winner Renzo Piano features through his Tjibaou Cultural Centre in Nouméa, and 2004 winner Zaha Hadid is remembered through The Richard and Lois Rosenthal Center of Contemporary Art in Cincinnati.

The Pritzker Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in architecture which is given out yearly to an individual. The first to win the award was Phillip Johnson in 1979, represented in the video by his New York AT&T Corporate Headquarters skyscraper. This year’s 2018 winner is Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi, which closes the video and is shown through a block model of his Sangatha Architect’s Studio in Ahmedabad.

“In the research I have become acquainted with incredible architects and their awesome work,” explains My First Pritzker creator Andrea Stinga, “I hope this video will help the spreading it all over the world and be known by many people from different fields and professions, so they can enjoy it as much as I have doing it”.