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A New Living Revolution

Welcome to Eleven’s 10th competition. For this challenge, we asked participants to start a living revolution. ‘Macro to Micro’ is a two-challenge competition looking at revolutionising the way we live from the city to the human scale. In this competition, we focused on the MICRO element and asked creatives to engage with the idea of new neighbourhoods and greenfield developments on a human scale.

The competition’s goal was to deliver a new concept of house, with a clear focus on quality-led sustainable dwellings that strive to define a new paradigm of what a house of the future could be.

‘Macro to Micro’ is run in partnership with BETA Housing 2018, an event that brings together some of the most influential voices to provide an insightful and engaging discussion on the future of residential developments and housing. The event, held in Manchester (UK) on the 12th July 2018, will host a dedicated exhibition of the awarded and best entries from this competition, as well as provide a platform to formally announce the competition winners.

The creative community has responded. Now, we need you to vote for your favourite entries. The team with the most points at the end of the voting round will go on to win the People’s Choice Award!


Voting is easy. Simply login to Eleven and click on the hearts of the teams you like! It may take a while for your votes to register due to high traffic. If you do not have an account with Eleven, please register here for free.

Q1: Why do we have to register/login before voting?
A1: This is to minimise vote boosting (cheating) and to safeguard the fairness of the competition for the competitors. Logging in makes it impossible for anyone to just click and refresh, which means that one person cannot register hundred of votes for their team and cheat.

Q2: I made a mistake and want to unvote for a team.
A2: Not a problem. Unvote by re-clicking on the project’s heart. The heart should go from being full (pink) to being empty (blue and white).

Click on the heart to vote for your favourite projects...

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Find out the results of this competition on: 12th July 2018