A planetarium should encompass all the wonderment that our vast universe holds. As we know so little about our universe we could not rationalize designing a planetarium that was purely education based; we believe a planetarium should first and foremost encapsulate the above stated wonder. This led us to our scheme for a new planetarium typology. We begin by creating a virtual 1:1,000,000 model of the galaxy above London, while the whole is never visible to the naked eye; portions of this virtual model are picked up by our planetarium at various scales. Our Planetarium is a floating platform above London, separating itself from the rest of the architectural climate in London it is set apart to use London as a reference point for visitors to begin to understand the scale of the Universe.The top deck of the planetarium is a long promenade that takes its current location within the 1:1,000,000 Universe and showcases it at various scales along the promenade. Visitors are able to walk along this open air platform exploring a sliver of our galaxy at scales from 1:1 to 1:1,000,000,000,000. These holograms are set to the back ground of London.Below this promenade are a number of exhibition spaces and a cafe that gives visitors the chance to explore rotating exhibitions on the universe and also gain new perspectives of London.

This project is meant to embrace and convey the vastness of our Universe. This is an architecture that embraces the beauty of our infinite minuteness within a larger whole. This is not a static design but an architecture that will change and grow as our understanding of space evolves.