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One day in 2030, a Martian happens to find an abandoned nuclear power plant on Mars. The plant looks like a pyramid, it seems to memorize something.

The ground floor is fuel part. At the center of the monument is a vertical elevator. People can reach the other floors by it.

The upper floor used to be the Turbine Part which can transform the hydro-energy to electricity.

The Tokamak Part is on the top, which transform nuclear power to thermal energy saved in the water through fusion. Since it was deserted. it becomes a most commemorative place to look up at the starry sky through the slits.

The Martian touches the mechanism in the elevator by accident. Then he is taken to the underground floor. It is a place to process the water-ice in Mars lithosphere. The elevator at the center used to be the water’s transportation piping for Tokamak. Ice used to be converted into water by those machines and ionized into a new material. Fully automatic control system changes the size of the equipment and redefine the sense of space.

Finally, through the door underground, the Martian go out of the plant again and discover a reverse pyramid below the upper one. It turns out that the whole building is a symmetrical pyramid. There are so many pipelines extended from the power station to collect the water resource. Because of the depletion of ice resource. underground has become a cave now.

The Martian get the history of this plant from a book. Long time ago, There was a destructive weapon designed for war, named ‘Rods from God’. The appearance of the plant origins from it. As a rod from the earth, the plants can assure the supply of water and electricity for people on mars. After settled down on mars, the equipment in the underground part were moved upward by machines and the plant got into operation. When the ice was consumed, and no other water and electricity can provide for people, the plant was deserted and become a monument, a monument that inscribes the consumption of resource on mars.

The designer has already set up streamlines for fuel, water and tourist. When people come into this monument/power station, they will begin their route at FUEL PART, and the next area is CONVERSION PART.

Finally, everyone can look at the starry sky, but only through a narrow gap. Since each tourist enters this monument, they are subjectively defined as another consumable part.

Every nuclear plant on Mars is a monument of resource consumption for Martians, which indicates a Mars dystopia.