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Lunar always been a mysterious and desirable sky object for humankind, we thrived to sought and decipher it throughout our history. The long process of data accumulating and broaden our horizon to lunar results in advance insight to colonizing lunar.

The first question for we raised was “What should be the function of this establishment and how we can embrace lunar into our colonization?”

Lunar was equipped with enrich mining resources of Helium, Hydrogen, Carbon,etc. while it was resources rich fullness sounds, the harsh environment from extreme temperature, cosmic rays, and meteorites impacts calls for reconsideration. Also, Lunar contain about only 16.6% gravity that on Earth’s surface and possessed entirely different timescale to Earth.

We saw this as an opportunities to adapt these condition to a potentially usage. Regarding, the development of space technology, and the idea of space tourisms became more of a possibility. We proposed a lunar space hub for space expedition in which lunar will become a space port for space travel exchange to future Mars and other exoplanetary colonization which we hope would became an infrastructure linkage to all future space habitats. The lesser gravity will make spaceships launches consume lesser energy. The hub mainly consists of terminal, accommodation, and lunar natural sightseeing.

The construction process was categorized into phases from lunar landing to interstellar linkage.

The following question was how we can use lunar landscape and infrastructure to full potential and design the architecture to harmonize to the unique context.

Our strategies were to situate the establishment inside lava tubes on the mares of lunar which will provide a necessity shield from cosmic disaster. The architecture aims to use lunar geomorphology in which the spatial forms of the architecture strategized to relate to lava tube and crater spaces to create a sustainable and self-generate sanctuary. The main concept is to combine a mixture of starter ingredients (for instance, organic matter) from Earth to Lunar resources and connecting the patches of products into a cycle of ecological and renewable resources.