As given in brief, “Humans have always been fascinated with what is out there beyond our world”. We four are one among the group who wish to broaden our visualization over space and see what is there beyond our wild imaginations and explore it. We believe exploration is human’s habit. The term “Space” can be defined anyhow because it contains lots of blanks to fill in our dreams with!

Exploration enhances our knowledge and throws light to the dark minds.

Design is always a sequential process, and that’s how we approached towards Mars. “Rome was not built in one day”. Similarly Mars needs a sequential study and execution to make it possible.


• Firstly, humans are sent along with Robots to start the process for a change ahead over there.
Pre-assigned works.
Site selection – Site at gale crater, to our knowledge.
Construction – partially over the contours of mountain foothills (for services) and in Underground (protection from rays, extreme weather and makes it moderate).
Figuring out source of materials – Dead Volcano, the source of rocks like granite or even diamond based on the quality and the availability. To find rich source of soil to grow plants and impact event of the meteorite to collect some quarts or glass to use again. The Gale crater already shows some presence of sulphates which might also contain calcium sulphate (Gypsum) or Lime for binding material.
The amount of oxygen is 0.013% (Earth has 3%). We feel that is not a huge fall in ratio for a planet with no greens. We planned two cores under the ground level (min 5-6m below surface level) so that we can start growing trees giving off maximum oxygen taking in carbon dioxide.

• Analyze the biological cycle to know what constitutes the Carbon dioxide and oxygen to make sure that the oxygen cycle can be increased.

• Bringing machines and robots to build two underground mined shelters, so that we can make sure that one can be opened later to find its reaction with the atmosphere. Creation of vegetation and water band to form an environment below.


• We carve into the surface of mars to avoid from external factors.

• Cultivation is done on roofs and oxygen is generated, creating a vegetation belt followed by a settlement and again a vegetation belt followed by the consumable water belt finally.

• Future – Industries can be added as the next belt.


• We adopt rock cut to enable a better environment under the surface.

• Rocks are carved using laser and the required form is gained with the help of robots. Mars having lower gravity might makes it difficult to climb stairs, which can be overcome by climbing a rope or using sloped surfaces.

• Wind, geothermal and solar energy can be produced and the availability of coal might be high depending on geographical theoretical studies.