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The earth’s population base has indeed reached a full saturation state, which has made the earth’s resources extremely scarce. Also the development of industry has led to a severe environmental pollution on the earth. It would be a devastating disaster for mankind, so if we want to survive, finding a second ‘earth’ is the general trend. Mars, which in many ways similar to earth, is undoubtedly the best choice for human migration.

Mars is one of the eight planets of the solar system, belongs to the terrestrial planets. Its diameter is about 53% of the earth. Its rotation axis angle and the rotation period are similar to the earth. However, many special factors that human cannot adapt need to be considered. Mars is basically a desert planet, with sand dunes and boulders on it and it is short of water.

With the continuous development of science and technology, electromagnetic technology is becoming more and more advanced, and it will be possible to set up a hemispheric transparent shield formed of electromagnetic wave with specific tower devices. Appearing in many science fiction movie, the role of electromagnetic technology in protection has been proved feasible by scientists recently. As a protection facility, the shield can resist various harmful substances and extreme weather and provide adequate gas human required which makes it possible for its internal components to form an ecological system. In order to avoid the influence of various disasters on the early construction, the initial landing site will be located in the meteorite crater. The robots will be the main force in the construction process. In the shield, with the seeds and animals we brought to Mars from the earth, people will live a self-sufficient life as same as the life on the earth. The first city we construct, called Alpharea(which owns the meaning of initialty), will be the provenance of our Mars colony. With the increasing efficiency of energy utilization, the central tower can produce a larger protective layer., and when the population reaches 50 thousand,more launching tower will be built to produce more cities. Except for those used in the early construction, the building materials will be produced on Mars. Through the three-dimensional positioning system, we will formulate many air routes at different height according to the distance of each voyage. People can not only travel in the shield but between the shields as well.

With this innovative conception and technology, Mars can be an ideal planet to build our next homeland with all necessary conditions suitable. Architecture technology is by all means significant for the construction of Mars colony, but through the long construction process of Mars, we may gain a more prosperous development of architecture and city planing technology and prospects. Although, we are sure to face a lot of challenges during the process, it’s a superb opportunity for creation and development. Perhaps, in the vastness of the universe, there are more planets like Mars where we can create our utopias with our bold and rich imagination.