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Mars settlement is going to happen really soon! Today, there are many existing developing projects and prototypes of the initial Mars base, some of them likely to be built. Our team decided to focus on the development of the first permanent settlement, which would exist after successful landing, and completion of the initial exploratory missions on the red planet. Our settlement (type habitat 2a) involve mining and development of local resources for construction, such as iron, aluminium, silicium (shown in the Extraction and development of local resources scheme). The first Habitat is designed to fit 50 people that could be brought there from Earth through next several flights. For the next stages of the Town development, there are second and third Habitat (100 and 150 people respectively) with possible functional rearrangement.

Arisen Town will consist of three connected domes with the total population of 300 people. The next development stages, 3 and 4, with a larger amount of people, will need more practical experience in elaboration the design and will probably need completely different functional organization.

The main tasks in the project we see life support of colonists through careful functional zoning and also creating an environment where psychologically it would be easier to stay on the lonely planet and they could feel more like home.

The different functional volumes inside the dome with its scale and wall textures (compressed regolith bricks) remind the feeling of a cozy human-scale medieval town.

The sleeping zone is hidden on the underground level to fully protect settlers from radiation and cosmic rays during the night. On the same level, the entry gate and a maintenance zone for vehicles are placed. The ground level consists of groups of work and public areas (mainly separated volumes): labs, administrative rooms, control and automation, medical office, isolation units, library, sports zone, food preparation, storage and serving areas. The upper level is presented as separated platforms of Local Park, which serves as an additional protection from radiation that is the highest on top of the dome plus the food will grow there; moreover, it will be the place where colonists could spend their private time. The washroom facilities are presented on each floor.

In the function of the main protection from excessive ionizing radiation, we provide the dome (see the Dome scheme), which consists of several layers. The outer shell is comprised of two layers of fiberglass, which shows the maximum effectiveness in corpuscular rays. The space between the two layers is hermetically filled with pressurized air (around 500 mbar) to balance the pressure inside and outside the dome and prevailing the structure from decompression. The inner shell is presented as an adaptive steel structure that reacts on a light penetration inside the dome and effectively blocks gamma-rays and particle radiation.

The whole structure is expected to be built by 3d printers and industrial manipulators.