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“As Above, So Below”, which by definition means to know thyself, was an examination into understanding the effects of life in space on the human body. The starting point was asking if a structure on the moon could mitigate the challenges humans would endeavour in this new living environment. The structure in turn became a reflection of the human body in space.

Thousands now inhabit the moon and are known from earth as, ‘The Moon People’. They were drawn here to discover the mysteries of space and have constructed a new society. On the moon, life is compartmentalized into two dichotomous sections for work/rest, light/dark, and above/below. Two spheres have been constructed to represent this in physical form.

People here are encouraged to move from one space to the next based on their own circadian cycle. Organic pathways have been constructed to facilitate this movement. The loss of gravity to the human body has resulted in the deterioration of muscle. The pathways in turn help to mitigate this by challenging the body in its movement from space to space.

The structure has been constructed from the resources found on the moon; iron to form the exterior and silicon dioxide for glass portals. The structure has been partly submerged within the moon (‘the below’), protecting itself and its inhabitants from the harsh conditions of outer space. Glass portals circumferencing ‘the above’ do the same by filtering light indirectly to prevent radiation from the sun.

People sleep and rest in the below they gaze into space from Sleeping Towers. Here they connect with sky above them with a glass portal to the stars. Starting their day, they move down through layers of the structure that facilitate obtaining nutrients and hygenol tasks. As they get lower into the below, they enter the pathway system, passing others that have ended their day. A complex pathway was created to allow people’s routes to change and to be as organic as the design in which they were constructed. These paths represent a polar field between the two spheres of the endless night and the endless day.

Once people have traversed to the above they start their active life within the society. Buildings at the top of the sphere aid to the progression of the society. There are three distinct building forms that create an exterior form, a interior/exterior form and a true interior form. Around the perimeter of these structures a forest thrives where people can connect with nature. As they move down through the sphere areas cater to recreation and personal interests. As their day comes to an end they return to the below for rest and recuperation as gravity aids their descent.

And so the cycle goes…