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“A place for complete fitness focus… rejuvenating your mind, body and soul.”

Athletica is a training complex for athletes from around the world, willing to develop their skills in a unique environment, away from the everyday distractions on Earth. Testing their physical abilities by completing a strict daily routine of training, healthy eating and resting, allowing them to become masters of training on the moon. Sited on the Mare Imbrium mascon, the a slightly higher level of gravity and large surface area is perfect for the Athletica centre. The athletes will be fighting against the impact that low gravity has on our bodies, making it possible to build muscle mass and improve physical fitness on the moon.

Weighted equipment to increase the pull of the athletes to the moon will improve their mobility and quality of training. They can even track and record their individual achievements, calories consumed/burned and goals during their stay using their individual fitness bands, also encouraging them to compete against one another.

Athletica’s arching exterior moulds around the central Javelin sector, mimicking the form of a flying javelin. Each highly polished steel section implies speed, flowing over the moons‘ surface and slotting perfectly into one another for easy assembly. Its broken shell separates at each 10-metre mark, exaggerating the throwing distances to the user where shards of light slice into the space through the skylights above. The end of the throwing track is blocked by a curved wall where flying javelins stick into its surface and changeable images project onto it, acting as an ‘aim’ for the athletes. Pathways are created as the running track winds around the interior space, transporting the athletes to other areas of the complex, whilst encouraging them to train and exercise.

Athletica is about progress and consistency, maintaining the athletes’ good form by supplying them with the perfect environment to build on and test their physical fitness. I have used the angles and distances from the athletic tracks to mould my space within, keeping the space entirely in sync with their sport and daily activities.

The wing side of the site, holding the health centre, restaurant, sleeping pods and recovery centre, breaks evenly into segments to exaggerate their constant daily routine. Each area is a crucial part to their schedule and, by overlooking the athletic centre, it gives them a constant reminder of what they came to achieve. The formation of the ‘wing’ complements the natural landscape whilst reflecting flight and various heights of a javelin flying through the air. Its west facing side protrudes outwards towards the Montes Jura, giving a picturesque and relaxing view from the recovery centre. This is placed at the highest point, focusing intimately on the calming mountainous view, blocking away all references to training. Here, athletes can reflect on their progress, recover their muscles and relax in a calming atmosphere at the end of a long training day.