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The Project focuses on the first settlements on the Red Planet, to achieve this we try to solve the problems to survive on Mars, creating a protective layer and at the same time the protection of being hidden underground. The project could be located on a cliff, mountain or even inside the craters, to take advantage of the vertical surface and only take shelter from one front. Helping to have an external surface well protected against the Martian elements.

The first thing that stands out is the semi-conical shape of the protective mantle, which uses solar light for the creation of energy, filters solar radiation and serves as an hermetic seal to create an internal biosphere on the slopes and cliffs of Mars.

The soil inside the cone is terraformed for the creation and sustaining of crops and livestock, and the water is extracted from the underground ice reserves, to supply the crops and facilities

Hidden in the walls of the vertical geography of Mars is the installations, starting with the train hangar, which connects the landing platform with the interior of the mountain forms, the lower levels are dedicated to the collection and processing of the food, the control of temperature and humidity, and the storage and generation of energy.

At the inside center of the complex, there is the tower of elevators that connects the different spaces, which go from the rooms of the permanent residents, such as scientists and maintenance personnel, as well as the visitors┬┤ area, like hotels, restaurants and the different amenities that give the place a quality life.

It is important to mention the huge extension for laboratories and medical areas, because a big part of the project is the research and development, for the expansion and colonization of a future in Mars.

In the highest part of the complex are the oxygen generator, which is responsible for mixing the breathing air and filtering the pollutants; the energy transformers, which receive the electricity formed by the skin of the cone, which will feed the entire complex; as well as the communications tower, which will communicate in the future all Martian complexes, satellite stations and our home planet the Earth.