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“One way or another, the life on Earth will likely become uninhabitable for mankind in the future. We need to start seriously thinking about how we will free ourselves from the constraints of this dying planet” – Stephen Hawking

The Earth sooner or later will become dilapidated that there is an urge to find an alternative sphere for mankind to live on. Moon, our only natural satellite, seems inhabitable but from the newest discovery, ice has been brought to light at its south pole and mining is also possible which now it is feasible to make Moon as our eighth continent, a stepping stone to another outerspace or even the ever existed utopia.

We are using up all kinds of resources on earth in a much faster rate than we have ever thought which fasten the decay of Earth so the priority of building an utopia is to be self-sufficient and sustainable. The Maglev technology, a technology commonly used to levitate train on earth has leaded us to the basis of our idea, Atompolis. Imagine an environment without wind and resistance, if we apply the maglev idea on moon, once the train is kick-started with energy input to generate magnetic field, it will keep running around the moon without burning, but generating fuel by kinetic movement to achieve self sufficiency. We have extracted the technology as an idea, not as a type of transportation but as an experimental operation system. The maglev megatrain, which holds the scale of a city, will be built as levitated buildings orbiting around the moon. Releasing ourselves from the quantification method on Earth, we also employ the idea for time measurement on moon. One orbit cycle around the moon equals one day on moon. Unfolding the orbit track will find a timeline of living for a day. Along the orbit cycle, there will be stations which are the daily encounters a moon citizen have on a day.

While translating the maglev train idea into the measurement of time, the orbiting nature of electrons has been extracted to the design as well. We define Atompolis as Atomic city that it is not just a structure of an atom but the mechanism behind. Similar to electrons orbiting freely within the orbital, the pathway electrons are in. Each component of our Atompolis has its own niche. And every component is independent yet not overlapping with other megatrain.

We spited the program into 3 main categories, housing, public, and station. Housing ring as vertical component and intersecting with the horizontal component public zone, two permanent stations are placed one each at two pole where the daily encounter of residents will be happening at. In housing units, which are in the mega-maglev train, residents will be living in a capsule that only equipped with single bed and some basic facilities such as toilet and desk. Each township (inside the mega-maglev train) consist of hospital and bathroom. Three housing rings are designed with same environment but different travelling speed, in another words, different scale of time and the total time for one cycle. People could choose what kind of lifestyle they want to have, and customize their own daily schedule. The density and privacy are the highest among other two program. The Public Ring is organised in a horizontal manners so that it would intersect with the housing ring and divided into two landscape and metropolitan; landscape would be different condition of environments such as desert, beach, forest, valley… where metropolitan quarter is consist of sports, arts, and entertainment zone. The station at two pole would serve as supply station, transportation terminal including both spaceship and mega-train, also as the daily encounter spot where residents from different housing ring could meet and interact with each other.