Gravity – Time – Space:

Black Holes are legacy of dead large stars created by their enormous gravitational force after the end of millions and billions of their life time. Their gravity swallow everything around greater than the speed of light, which allows no way back out once passing the boundary, the Event Horizon.

Both Black Hole and Planetarium collect the light and information from billions of stars, transporting to either another dimension or the audience on our planet Earth.

They connect different universes physically and poetically.

They make sure no stars get forgotten which could mean the real death of them.

The deeper into a Black Hole, the slower time flows relative to outside which creates a remarkable observation of all the lights that would fall into the black hole in the Future. This is represented by the large opening at the top of planetarium where the real sky could be observed towards the future since the beginning of the planetarium.

Seeing real sky rather than fake projections encourages to feel the real time and space.
The hyperbolic walls of the Planetarium are mirrored screens which reflects the night sky in all directions, and display educational information. This represents the past.
The Black Hole shaped Planetarium enhances the sense of Gravity in a unique Space, and seeing reflection of yourself within the reflected galaxy creates the question of who we are.

Location :

The planetarium (Black Hole) is located at One Tree Hill, a large field in front of the Royal Observatory Greenwich, South East London. The planetarium will focus on its function working together with the research facility Royal Observatory. In case of the future extensions of the planetarium with various functions, a torus space around the Black Hole is preserved.