After having analyzed the objectives of the Terre-Mars BFR designed by SpaceX, its project goal is to establish and to serve a Martian colony. So we took a closer look at it, and we have excavated a deeper potential…

After a long journey in the space in a very small babble, the astronomers and tourists will find the conditions of comfort on Mars We propose a vision of future mobility City on Mars, with the aim of reducing the negative impact that man can make on the Martian natural landscape.

Zone 1 BFR opens as a fan on 3 l vels with 9 cabins per floor with a view of Mars and green atrium protected by a large ETFE membrane, to give the Earth-like lifestyle.

Zone 2, the suspended camping has an inflatable balloon 24m in diameter that could allow astronauts and tourists to turn into a large greenhouse and spend several months in Mars The balloon consists of 5 3D-printed modules supported by cable structure and carbon tube under a membrane and protects the astronauts from the Mars radiation, the temperature control, normal electricity, Oxygen charging station, water and food are stored inside the BFR.

Zone 3, BFR opens to give a platform with a mini golf with view on Mars, 3 levels with 9 cabins per floor protect by a dome made of ETFE.