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The site of CITY-CRATER is located on craters on Mars Utopia Planitia where ice was found under the surface.

Depending on the size of the craters, the diameter of a CITY-CRATER can range from a few hundred meters to several kilometers, and the population of a CITY-CRATER varies from thousands to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands. A large number of different kinds of construction robots, under the command of human beings, produce building materials and build the CITY-CRATERS, which also formed the living and working patterns of the early human colonies on Mars.

The CITY-CRATER can be explained as follows: First, the ring-like top of the craters can be directly reconstructed into the covered aqueduct, which serves as water towers that provide water supply to the settlement from above. After melting and other treatment, the underground water ice will be delivered into the Aqueduct. Second, the high altitude of the crater tops allows early settlers a good view of the Mars landscape, as well as a broad horizon which helps control the vast surrounding areas of manufacturing and agriculture. Third, there are two sides of a crater, one facing the inside and the other facing the outside. The inside-facing surface will be reconstructed into residential units and public facilities, the number of which can be increased according to the population of immigrants, creating a community with recreation space in the bottom of the crater. The outside-facing surface is for dormant cabins, inheriting the biological and cultural genes and memories of human beings as laboratory for further exploration on Mars and other planets.

One after another CITY-CRATER will be built on the vast Utopia Planitia. With the transformation of the Martian atmosphere by human beings, CITY-CRATERS can be opened up in the atmosphere of Mars to create a more comfortable and pleasant human environment.

CITY-CRATER defines future home for city creators.