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In the year 2050, humanity managed to reach Mars, and the great era of colonization began

Raised for a long-term intervention, colonization was started in stages, making the Martian surface habitable, building spaces for all the necessary uses and for future Terrestrial-Martian families that are chosen to live here.
In the first stage, builders, miners and scientists arrived, started to build places to protect themselves from the inclemencies of the Martian climate and where to rest, in turn analyze the possible materials to use in buildings, and look for water in the subsoil to be able to plant, with that to make life on Mars possible, inside large domes.

The second wave of people arrived 30 years later, exactly in the year 2080, when the structures are already built to house different types of professions, which complete the missing functions of the first settlers, this time aeronautical engineers, scientists specialized in minerals arrived and purifiers of water and land, they began to build ships to go out and explore new areas to explore them, also builders of temporary domes that are the ones that are going to make it possible for scientists to investigate unexplored areas.

The third wave of earthlings was in the year 2120 and arrived with the explorers, with the exploratory machines (robots) built went out in search of new habitable zones, for some possible expansion of territory, they began to conquer more Martian territory, for the new Terrestrial-Martian society.

Once everything has been done, the habitants would begin to arrive to begin the expansion not only territorial, but also cultural and people, with them would come military and people to put order, and avoid some kind of chaos.

We have domes on the surface that serve as nurseries and homes, some of the most important uses are under the Martian ground, protected from possible meteorites that may fall on the surface, for this the domes that are on the surface have an electromagnetic field that it repels them and thus avoid being destroyed.