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Living. Working. Researching. These are the fundamental values that we have based our concept on, bringing the community of the lunar colony together through various purposes. Combining each of our ideas, we have formed a succinct and cohesive concept, enabling the lunar colony to thrive on the Moon and create a place where the future of the human civilization can exist. The concept is formed of three main elements: public engagement, protection and purpose. Each of these is represented in an individual area of the design.

Public Engagement:
A border-less public space on the Moon providing an environment to improve and encourage social cohesion among the lunar colony, creating a shared, communal area which has collective ownership and mutual belonging. The 3-tiered structure adds variety with different functions and forms part of the trio of concepts, connected by walkways to interlink each area. Furthermore, it communicating with those back on Earth – effectively changing society’s behavior habits to create a more socially- sustainable culture.

It has been proven that plants in the rainforest have cancer fighting properties, certain plant compounds enable scientists to understand how cancer cells grow. Growing a rainforest on the Moon with the primary reason being protection and preservation, which enables uninterrupted research, creates a concept as a result of the crucial issue of deforestation. It is becoming more urgent than ever to preserve the precious contents of the rainforests on Planet Earth. With further research development, possible cures for cancer may be found, therefore preserving the rainforest on the Moon solves this issue.The community which will form around the rainforest and Brewtopia will live and work alongside each other with a sense of connection, for example, scientists will observe the quality control of the hops and barley in the rainforest growing for the brewing business.

“Brewtopia” is the first ever micro-brewery on the Moon, producing ‘Moon dust’ beer to send back to Earth creating an economic connection through trade. The design of the micro-brewery reflects on keywords such as community, purpose, teamwork and discovery, which are lacking on Earth. The design is open plan with connecting bridges weaving around the tanks to link the space. Starting with a local idea, it has real potential to expand in scale. The beer will be brewed in the 14 days of sunlight and then freeze-dried in the 14 days of darkness, transformed into powder to send back to Earth and for the global community to use! The design focuses on connecting the employees in a space reflecting equality in the lunar-society, furthermore regenerating the importance of micro-businesses, craft products and artisan-ship and how these practices form communities made up of people with common values, interests and a feeling of purpose.

The primary aim for this collaborative concept is to encourage social cohesion, a greater sense of community and public engagement, as well as promoting a mutual existence among the lunar colony.