Ambience of Mars Trip and move to Mars is heating up. Perhaps, the chance of Mars trip will be open to the public before the end of this generation. There is several ways to teraform the Mars and change it suitable for human. Exept some radical ways, most of the teraforming prefer to take some time to drive change. Yet, living in Mars has high risk for humankind. In fact, posibility of living in Mars is still just an imagination. Nobody have been there, and the environment is to hursh for human. Through this fact, it is necessary to find the most safe way.

The scenario of my idea is based on the following precondition. Mankind already arrived at Mars, constructed a residential area, now it is time to research how to expand “our area”. Once the people living in Mars forged a system and able to live with the support from Earth, one question comes up to the surface. “Mars has ability of self-begotten.” By expanding the area which the plants can live little by little, Mars will change into human-friendly planet.

Mars is clearly divided into place where people can live and the place where they don’t. Therefore, experiment method that make a wide buffer zone in which the vegetation can survive should be studied. Though It would be unreasonable to use the place directly for human habitation, but through this, people and environment of Mars will go together.

There are 2 elements to move the energy of the earth. Convection of water and air is the two elements, but these are not expected in Mars. The existence of water is still in mystery, but the fluent of the water is not discovered. Another thing is the atmosphere, most of it is consisted of CO2 which is impossible to live for human.

As water stagnate, to make the environment naturally, we need to reproduce the convection. And also, we have to stay in certain place, a space not too high.

The purpose of this idea is to make a maximum size of dome and create a realistic environment.