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Water is the fountainhead of life. The observation of ice in Shackleton Crater near to lunar South Pole provides opportunity for human beings to live on the moon.

Regarding the usage of water as the main challenge of living on the moon, the scientists generally believe that the rim of Shackleton Crater is the best habitat for people. The ice at the bottom of the crater can be transported by trucks to the rim of the crater,where sun remains above lunar horizon during most of the time. We reserve the water in four water tanks to meet basic physical need. Besides, the tanks serve as the public facilities for the residents, providing different climates and environments which refer to four seasons on the Earth.

The water tanks are shaped like droppings, in which water takes 3/4 of its total volume. The above-ground part of the each water tank is a cone with the angle 52 degree. The water in the water tank will create a spiritual place for people. The underground space are connected to the water tanks, called water town, which can accommodate 10,000 people at a time. It is a short-term interchange base for longer journey to other planets such as Mars.

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