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How would you feel to see the earth from your bedroom window?! How cool is it to have a job education on the moon?! Let’s take a ride on the moon’s ferris wheel!

The concept of the moon’s ferris wheel consists of 3 main elements for living on the moon:

If we consider a family of four a “unit”, according to a simple analysis of living patterns on earth, this unit will have some biological needs like Oxygen, water, food, … alongside psychological needs like working, studying, having fun and…

How to create a living unit on the moon?!
if we attach a certain amount of planting area to every unit on the moon which can fulfill their basic biological needs alongside producing food, Oxygen, … Based on the essential needs of human beings we can categorize the answer to this question in 2 aspects: SITE and DESIGN opportunities.
Using site opportunities to keep the planting area up and running and design opportunities to create a living environment attached to the planting area. All these living units on the moon will work together in a cycle creating the rhythm of life and connecting to a central space named the communal core.


A day on earth has 24 hours. According to where you live on the earth, day and night lasts differently, creating a Circadian Rhythm. A Circadian Rhythm is a phrase meaning “about a day“. It’s a physiological and behavioral pattern synchronized with the day/night cycle.

How to create Circadian Rhythms on moon?!

The ferris wheel spins at a speed of one round per day, creating a lunar clock based on the location of each living unit. This provides the units with a day and night cycle.

Living units on the moon following a Circadian Cycle will create a rhythm called the Rhythm of Life.

Every living unit consists of a family, so based on the cycle of living units there is going to be a number of people with different ages and abilities living in a private environment separately but in total connectivity to community where they can have the ability to study, work, have fun and…

Different people with different qualities

Every living unit has a lot of potential and qualities, meaning if a group of people are going to live together they need to work together, educate together and…
Each unit will be individually connected to the core via a service elevator.

The core is divided into four floors; each floor being dedicated to a specific activity.
1. Planting
2. Research
3. Community
4. Responsibilities

The design of the moon’s ferris wheel is based on giving people the day and night cycle they need to be functional both physically and psychologically, providing people with jobs, recreation, education, research, planting… On top of that, a spinning room with the view of the earth… What more could you want?!