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Human is a creature full of curiosity. Intelligence is what makes human one of its kind. The development of science and morality help humans in questioning the new possibilities outside of their world, the earth. The human race saw the universe as an unreachable continent, however as mankind developed, people overcome their boundaries. After suffering environmental destruction caused by economic, political, social, and cultural issues affecting their habitats, human started making a vast universe as their new territories – where unimaginable information would be gathered, new species founded, and a number of newly discovered planets could be habited. Therefore, as colonies of human, we should think of our strong goal for the new world – moving beyond our habitable environment into a new one, Mars.

“So far we step up to the time that man stepped on his feet on the moon, not enough that we want more. Mars is our next destination for humans to set foot there, even be a Martian.”

Our design strategy is blending architecture within the Mars environment. The crater was chosen for the site of the buildings to minimize the excavation process, whilst protecting the new mankind colonies from the uninhabitable weather, for example, galactic cosmic rays and radiation of the sun and mars global dust storm, it contains H2O2, this is very dangerous for humans. At the time of certainties, the entire surface of the planet Mars could be covered by the dust storm in a long period.

Building materials made of 3D printing to facilitate and accelerate the process of development. An inflatable part that serves as a cover the crater as the protector of the main buildings, there will be a small gap in the middle which is useful for building permeated the CO2 is converted into O2 and water ice, it will soak H2O2 for energy for buildings, 3% H2O2 can be used for crops, the Peroxide worked with releasing oxygen. It acts as an oxygen supplement for plants, anti-fungal and bacterial , the slit automatically open-close if the building requires or whether these elements.

The purpose of the building is to facilitate research (It placed in the ball-shaped room, in order to provide privacy for the scientists and secure for objects examined by them) and conservation for the immigrant, with regards to their independent activities; whilst maintaining the equilibrium of the mars environment. The mind-set of humans needs to be changed by a building characters of responsibility, independence, and appreciation of their new world (Then it would be good for us to follow the circumstances of the living environment on Mars). And as much as possible less dependent on the supply from the earth.)

For now the project is esoteric but in the future it will get expanded to be accessible to the general public, if our human condition can already adapt to the mars environment. We, humans, are a part of the cosmos, obliged to preserves any planet we live in today and tomorrow.