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An Even Grander Day Out: The Woman on the Moon

Our story begins with a woman who simply will not take it anymore. In light of recent news, she is fed up with all Earthly antics and decides to leave. To the Moon, more specifically. With her cat.

This doesn’t happen out of the blue, though, a lifetime of preparation has gone into her “escape”. Since seeing the American astronaut Lance Armstrong first set foot on the Moon, she makes it her mission to be the first woman to complete the same feat, by her own means. Yet, to do so she will need a rocket. One that will be her new home on the Moon.

She is alone however, and it will take her entire life to accomplish the challenge. A solitary life and an abandoned silo make for the perfect environment to design and build the new rocket ship. Only having to avoid occasional annoyances from her pesky neighbour Mrs. Wanderlust, our heroine spends a lifetime building, adjusting and tweaking the fine details in her soon-to-be flying home, making sure the cat also has a say in the final touches.

Here is an excerpt from the Daily News the day she left.


“I just don’t want to live here anymore, it’s that simple.”

Those were the only words left on a note that was found by the woman’s neighbour, Tilda Wanderlust. Mrs. Wanderlust figured the woman must be up to something when the farm she lives on literally exploded to pieces while a large rocket-shaped object shot up into the night sky. A discombobulated Mrs. Wanderlust, gave the statement to police early this morning. She says the woman in question lived alone and kept mostly to herself.

No one really knows why the woman left, or how she did it, but it does raise the question: will she make it?

We follow our heroine through the trials and tribulations of her journey the Moon and the many challenges that await her at her final destination.

The project explores themes of autonomy, exploration, loneliness, resiliency and fed-up-ism. The main idea was to design a house in a rocket ship, ad how to also integrate the life-sustaining amenities such a ship should have in order to survive on the Moon. From a greenhouse to floating Solar Power balloons, our heroine and her furry side-kick, Colonel Mustard, must use their scientific know-how to successfully make the Moon their new home.