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Exotopia: A society that is located on a planet other than the earth.

In a few hundred years earth will be overpopulated. There is no more land left to build on, but the demand for housing on or near Earth increases extensively. Skyscrapers thought to have been the solution to this problem, but they will have to adapt. By manipulating existing architecture in Tokyo and integrating my love for photography and symmetry, 19 designs where born to show the world what the future will hold.

Discovering perspectives in residential and commercial skyscrapers resembles the search for rare and unusual gemstones on Earth. While most of the architectural compositions feature diamond shapes, a significant group stood out with unique characteristics that tend towards the contours of gemstones. The quality of a gemstone or diamond’s cut is considered the most important factor in determining its beauty. This quality factor was taken out of context and merged with modern photography. The angle and position of the shot determines the shape of a building. Just like a well cut diamond, those factors also determine the clarity and color of the architectural body.

These floating bodies exhibit the architecture that was forgotten or overlooked by most of Tokyo’s residents. They relive through transforming them into levitating structures which will influence future generations to use existing architecture as a fundamental guideline.

Just as Christopher Columbus inspired himself on European building techniques, the most dependable and successful way to build a colony on Mars is to manipulate earlier created architecture on Earth. The diminished gravity and maintaining a constant level of oxygen, are vital changes to the structural design. Replacing crucial building materials such as concrete and steel for high graded aluminium and Martian concrete ( a mixture of Martian aggregate and cement ) are key to constructing these buildings. This doesn’t only make the transportation of building materials more economical but also helps to integrate Earth’s Architecture into the Martian landscape.

Mars will generate knowledge, experience and momentum for the next great era of space exploration. It will encourage and embolden all Humans and inspire the next generation of explorers to pursue their destiny.