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A day on the moon is 29.53 day on the earth. We plan a complex facility—Lunany Land/Luany Plant —which works as an amusement park in 15 days-daytime and as a factory in 15 days of nighttime.

Lunany Land is an amusement park open in 15 days of daytime of the moon. We have a special experience only in the moon through one-sixth gravity. There is one of the famous leisure for people now and from now on. Disney resort might find its new way on the Moon, not Dubai. The amusement park which is the greatest amusement park in human history would be the core of the tourism in the moon. You may be welcomed by rabbits!!(Japanese believe that rabbits live in the moon!)

Lunany Plant is a factory open in 15 days of nighttime of the moon. The exploitation of the moon has been requested strongly. One of the reason is that the moon is adequate to base for greater space exploration for its resource. The resource is He3. There is much He3 on the moon. If we use all the He3 on the moon surface, it is said that energy of thousands of years of electricity used in the present world can be obtained. Our aim is to develop, produce and operate transport and observation equipment which is studied in the earth. To go to Jupitar or Mars.

We can find many things in common between an amusement park and a factory. Staggering size of buildings, naked truss structure, beautiful night views with neon glittering, a huge amount of energy consumed, a broad area far from town and so on. These facilities in the institution are transport devices and experiment equipment. However they can also be fun attraction. A Linear motor car that carry people around the institution and popular roller coaster in day time work as mass driver for carriage. A space elevator delivers visitors for the park and goods for research. A gondola is attached with a ferris wheel at noon and a shovel is at night. A construction crane which is familiar to us not only on the earth but also on the moon is a pendulum which notices us a strange gravity.

Tourism which start from our amusement park makes space more familiar, and development in our factory allows us to explore space in greater scale . I wish that one day such time will come with seeing the moon upon the night sky.