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“Noble simplicity and quiet grandeur”.

Beyond the mists, beyond the mountains, beyond the stars our ambitious hearts joyfully alight. The blood boils, we feel the approach of the golden fleece, and in this vortex we find the strength, the idea, the thought. Certainty is a bitter wind, it does not satisfy the insatiable hunger of our sails. Clouds, waves, dark skies await us covetously. So what if those who guides us are an infamous jailer or a sleeping nymph, by ourselves the light dim of eternity will shine; the flame, lying slightly on a wax statue, flows in a utopian infinite sea. The world, our house, is the starting point. New ships and transport facilities will allow us to cross, jump the obstacle of the atmosphere and land on the moon. The moon, our sister and partner, will be the launching pad that will allow us to lay eyes beyond the borders. The project involves the creation of a body divided into three parts: the first is the connecting terminal between the earth and the moon; the second is the real settlement, consisting of a central element, including every kind of service, which will unwind the housing units. The house is designed to be built or rather assembled directly on the moon. It is constituted by a bearing structure generated by a 3D printer and uses three different types of panels to complete the outer casing: of glass, with photovoltaic cells and as coverage. The third is a still innocent and uncorrupted idea torn from the hyperuranian, it represents the “ship”, the portal, the dream tended towards the unknowable. We organized the trip in three different phases: the first is to allow the abandonment of the atmosphere, and then the planet of origin, with a specific type of spacecraft to reach the satellite; the second is to connect the satellites in the Cosmos through interstellar travel; finally, the third step is the descent into new worlds.

“Ulysses wants to listen to the siren song, at the cost of endangering his own life. He runs through the West up to its borders; without him, it might not even exist. There would be no landing on the moon. ” – Ernst Jünger, Die Schere