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If during the first years of the 21th century many people all around the world began to ask themselves if an infinite economic growing on our finished planet and all its social, environmental, cultural and ethical consequences were acceptable, later on with the concretization of possibility of colonization of other planets, only a very few people didn’t change their mind. Most part of people supported this new universal capitalism although against their condition, their happiness and their own life.

Mr. Goldsmith, one of the richest and powerful capitalist of the world, owner of strategic infrastructures of many countries, important member of the Earth-Assembly, honorary president of “Wings”, famous free market think-tank, decided to invest on Mars. The first terrestrial colony on the red planet will be Mr. Goldsmith factory complex, the “Goldsmith Mars Enterprise”. By the way, he is going to introduce a new currency, the GMD, Goldsmith Mars Dollar, usable on the surface on Mars, with which the workers will be paid.

The area is situated riding a slope with the frontal part down on the lowland and the back one right on a higher level.
In the frontal part of the complex, face opposite to the sun, we find four parallel branches, symmetrical compared to the center and similar two by two: the central two shorter and the external two longer. These four branches will be all used for the production phase.

Externally the two longer branches we find the workers dormitory, little and anonymous building, shaped like a parallelepiped and far from Mr. Goldsmith view.

The four productive branches will be connected by the office, research & development building, right under the shadow of the Goldsmith Tower.

To the opposite part of the four branches we find the cargo spaceport divided in three different platforms: the main platform will be the central one while the secondary two, a little smaller, to both sides.
The Goldsmith Tower is not only a great sign of terrestrial presence on the surface of Mars. High, thick and threatening, we can consider it as the symbol of Mr. Goldsmith economic, financial, and productive empire. Mr. Goldsmith in person said he is going to reserve the right to decide in the future its use. At this moment we only need to consider it as “Mr. Goldsmith personal space”.

In the back part of the complex, facing the sun, we find Mr. Goldsmith’s personal park. These gardens, covered by a huge transparent screen, are divided in four squares, used as a forest, separated by two axis crossing in the center of the park. In Mr. Goldsmith’s personal garden we won’t find only plant species but animals too, who live free in the forest or in water. The first scope of this green area is to reproduce, on such a hostile planet, the terrestrial Eden. Beyond the park, at a safe distance we find the personal spaceport of Mr. Goldsmith where it is allowed to land only his own space-yacht.