The project is based on the climate of Mars, in order to create the best and most suitable welfare conditions in which to try to exploit the full potential of Mars.

The volume form taken from the hills and mountains created on the surface of Mars has been chosen so that Mars can solve the problems or needs. The shell form is grouped using a geodesic module and then applied in layers, each of which has a specific function. All prefabricated pieces are assembled at the desired location. Each of these forms form a zone.

The location of the zones is designed on the Voronoi system, which indicates the proper location and better access between the zones than the surface of the Mars surface.

The form shell has different functions to provide residents and residents with the comfort they need. The purpose of the layered shell design is the production of oxygen, which is the most important parameter on Mars and in addition to providing comfort in such atmospheric conditions.

Each of the layers has a special function. The outer layer of the nanocrystal is convex in the form of a lens. This glass layer absorbs light by passing light from the form of the gap between the prisms using nano-carbon fibers It has been coated that the fiber reacts in different atmospheric conditions to the outside atmosphere and expands and shrinks. These smart fibers are capable of absorbing carbon dioxide and transfer this gas to the inside. The next layer is made of transparent nanoscale fibers, which reacts with carbon dioxide and light, producing a photosynthesis process, carbon dioxide molecules are oxidized, and the oxygen is released, then the next layer after breakage The molecules absorb carbon and release oxygen released into the space.

Given Martian unique nature and technology, this project can be well-defined in terms of Aesthetic, design, and can meet the needs of Mars.