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The distance between moon and earth is far less than the other planets in solar system. Because of this distance consideration, it is possible to go and return to the moon since 1969. Whereas tecnological developments in our day demonstrades that, for the next few years people will be able to go the other planets. Nowadays, working on the projects about Mars is continued. In that case, for long time stay, satisfying the basic necessities of people without possibility of return, has take a big place for us. Taking into account all of these, while we were starting this Project, we considered the probability of the long time stay conditions. Therefore, Moon provides just a testing field for us. In this context Moon is a place that, we have tried to colonise firt time.

On the other hand, beside basic necessities of people like eating and drinking, sheltering, sleeping they also need to socialise for being happy in a long duration. In this sense we have tried to reinterpration public space notion. Not bear thinking about a space without feeling the wind and the sun likewise in earth. People need places which they could feel similar emotions to be familiar with these spaces. We tried to provide these things in our designed spaces and we call them ‘’indoor parks’’ with the help of technological opportunities. Under designed domes, people will have chance to lie, look up to sky and feel the sun on their faces.

We assumed that, take on suplies from earth to moon will be continued ten years after the first colony immigrated. However, in the mean time for breaking the connections with earth is important. The new resources should be discovered for agricultural activity. According to the researches, some methods were developed for composting toilet. Starting from this point, the first immigrated colony can also be the part of the new system. Apart from that, advantages from solar energy will be taken in any case. If it will not sufficient enogh, nuclear enery will become a part of an activity. The other significant facot is water. The existing of water and various minerals in Moon is known for a long while, also intcontrovertibly field of ice were found. Therefor potable water is obtainable with an infastructure planning. The core meeting dome is designed with layers to prevent radiation effects from outside and also layers will help us to control the sunlight. Between these layers, self-reproductive and algaes were thought to place for answering the oxygen need.

For consturcting something on the Moon without manpower can be materialise with robotic arms. A multifunctional robots are predicted to use for composing multiple processes. The work flow of the robots will be started from excavation works, continued with the use of excavated material with 3D printer heading to produce convenient building material in belowground. According to structural requirements, to construct arches and rotunda, robots also need different material for tensile force. Transforming steel for reinforcement of the building material from earth was considered from a different angle. Dismembering of the spaceships or rockets and using their steel material as a reinforcement material is suggested.